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November 23, 2023

From exceptional speakers to insightful discussions, diverse perspectives, and shared knowledge moments, AAIMS, over the last two days held its annual conference at the University of Western Australia, Perth, hosted by the Centre for Muslim States and Societies (CMSS). We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the organising committee for putting together an unforgettable experience and we would like to thank all AAIMS members who presented and attended the two-day conference as well as general members of the audience.

The theme for the conference was Islam in a Polarised World and we heard speakers address topics on Muslims, Geopolitics and Alignment; Brazilian and Pakistani Women’s Identities in Australia; Gender Issues; The Myth and Reality of Home-grown Imams; New Spaces and New Domains; Politics and Scripture – and more! Click here to view the full program.

The idea behind the conference was to bring together scholars in the field of Islamic and Muslim Studies to discuss issues relating to the central theme of Islam in a Polarised World. The conference drew attention to the roles, contemporary place, and future of Islam in the emerging multipolarity in global politics with its accompanying shifting power relations and turbulences. It also drew attention to the multiple forms of cultural, political and religious ‘polarisations’ both in the local and global contexts and what these mean for not just peaceful co-existence but also Islam and Muslims in both Muslim majority and Muslim minority contexts.

On the opening address, AAIMS member, Mahan Mira, expressed: “Inspiring opening remarks by Hon. Dr. Tony Bulti, minister for education, Aboriginal Affairs, citizenship and multicultural interests. What a terrific government mandate!”

High School students in Perth were also encouraged to prepare artworks to represent the conference theme as a university-community initiative and almost all artworks related back to Palestine.

AAIMS also welcomed two Visiting Fellows from the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Western Australia, Professor Qibla Ayaz, Council of Islamic Ideology, and Dr Fatima Essop, Advocate, The High Court South Africa to host a masterclass.

The conference was an excellent way to bring diverse scholars together to discuss the ways in which Islam and Muslims operate in a polarised world – and we thank each and every one of you who attended, contributed, and shared their positive experience!

If you attended the conference and would like to share photos, thoughts, or your experience, please email us at

Thank you,

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