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December 26, 2022

Congratulations to the following AAIMS Members on their recent publications:

Jan Ali, on his paper titled Modernity, Its Crisis and Islamic Revivalism, published by Religions. Read article here.

Fethi Mansouri, on his paper titled The Future of Migration, Multiculturalism and Diversity in Australia’s Post-COVID-19 Social Recovery, published by Social Sciences & Humanities Open. Read article here.

Joshua M. RooseMario Peucker and Shahram Akbarzadeh, on their paper titled Socio-Economic Disadvantages and Lack of Recognition: Impacts on Citizenship Within Australian Muslim Communities, published with the Journal of Intercultural Studies. Read article here.

Ihsan Yilmaz, on his paper titled Civilizational Populism in Indonesia: The Case of Front Pembela Islam (FPI), published by Religions. Read article here.

Ihsan Yilmaz and Mustafa Demir, on their paper titled Manufacturing the Ummah: Turkey’s Transnational Populism and Construction of the People Globally, published in Religions. Read article here.


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