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May 1, 2024

Congratulations to the following AAIMS members on their publications!

Hayba Abouzeid on her article titled “Islamic Pluralism and the Muslim Voice: Western Attitudes that Define Islamic Identity”, Australian Journal of Islamic Studies. See article here.

Jan Ali on editing the special issue of Australian Journal of Islamic Studies Vol. 9 No. 1, and his “Editor’s Introduction.” See his introduction here.

Rinto Azhar on his article titled “The Application of Islamic Principles on Entrepreneurship Competence Development Framework”, Australian Journal of Islamic Studies. See article here.

Hakan Coruh on his chapter titled “Said Nursi” in the volume Handbook of Qurʾānic
Hermeneutics, published by De Gruyter. See chapter here.

Eva Nisa on co-authoring the article titled “Divorce Narratives and Class Inequalities in Indonesia”, Journal of Family Issues. See article here. 

Joshua Roose on co-editing the volume titled Security, Religion, and the Rule of Law: International Perspectives, published by Routledge, and his chapters in the volume titled “Religion, Citizenship Revocation, and Foreign Combatant Laws: The Illiberal Turn,” and “Conclusion: Freedom of Religion as Shield, Sword, and Contributor in Relation to National Security.” See volume and chapters here.

Rizwan Sahib on his article titled “Evaluating Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Views on Adherence to Islam in Heretic”, Australian Journal of Islamic Studies. See article here.

Ihsan Yilmaz on his paper titled “Competing Populisms, Digital Technologies and the 2024 Elections in Indonesia”, published by The European Centre for Populism Studies. See paper here. Also, his article titled “The Rise of Authoritarian Civilizational Populism in Turkey, India, Russia and China”, Populism & Politics. Read article here.

We look forward to next month’s publications. All the best!

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