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November 28, 2022

We have collaborated with Western Sydney University and Charles Sturt University to bring you the Postgraduate Islamic Studies Conference II. The conference examines the inner complexities of Islam as a complete way of life and its variety of rituals, practices, and teachings embedded in the pattern of Muslim everyday living. It explores these complexities using modern academic tools, scientific research methods, and theoretical frameworks. The conference is designed to disseminate ongoing and new research about Islam and Muslims in national and international contexts.
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Member Publications (January)

Congratulations to the following AAIMS Members on their recent publications: Joshua Roose, on his co-authored book titled Masculinity and Violent Extremism, published by Palgrave. Read free PDF here. Bryan S.
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Sydney Islamic Arts Museum

Australia’s diverse Muslim community is rapidly growing. To foster a healthy and positive relationship with the growing community, the Australian government, Australian universities, and not-for-profit organisations have come together to
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Resilient Democracy for Resilient Communities Conference

On August 23, 2022, Charles Sturt University together with the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy hosted a conference on resilient democracy. This conference brought together over a hundred delegates, many
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