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November 25, 2022

Congratulations to AAIMS Advisory Board Member Professor Tim Lindsey on his ARC Discovery Grant Success! Lindsey’s ARC grant will fund a project focusing on Obstacles to Contract Enforcement in Indonesia. Big congratulations also go to AAIMS member Ihsan Yilmaz on his ARC DP grant success! The ARC grant will fund a project exploring how civilisational populist rulers polarise societies mainly along religious lines.
About the Projects
Professor Tim Lindsey
The Australia-Indonesia Comprehensive Economic Partnership (IA-CEPA) came into force in 2020 but foreign investment in Indonesia has consistently failed to meet targets, largely due to concerns about the lack of reliable and just judicial contract enforcement. This project aims to investigate why predictable and fair contract enforcement in Indonesia is so inaccessible, particularly for foreign investors, and, through doctrinal and empirical research, explain the causes of this situation. In partnership with Indonesian courts and lawyers, it also aims to support the development of legal and policy reform proposals that can help resolve Indonesia’s commercial contract enforcement problems and encourage Australian investment there.
Ihsan Yilmaz
Civilisational populist rulers polarise societies mainly along religious lines. They also interfere with their emigrants, mobilising supporters against other expatriates. This project aims to advance knowledge of authoritarian states’ transnational influence on social cohesion and inter-group conflict. By studying Islamist and Hindutva civilisations mobilisations, their reach into their emigrants via digital technologies, and their impact on Turkish and Indian groups in Australia, the project aims to assist policy makers and community groups by generating conceptual frameworks, benchmarking data, and recommendations for making policies to deal with this phenomenon’s negative effects and for developing intervention strategies.


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