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January 13, 2024

AAIMS statement on the situation in Palestine on this Global Day of Action for Gaza

The Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies supports international peace and security and the protection of people from injustice and oppression in accordance with international covenants, law, and human rights declarations. AAIMS is opposed to all forms of religious and ideological extremism that promote hate, racism, supremacism, and violence. The Association calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, emergency aid for the Palestinian people, and those responsible for committing genocide to be brought to justice, as well as an immediate end to the blockade of Gaza, end to apartheid in the West Bank, and end to the occupation of Palestine.    

The situation in Palestine is beyond catastrophic with an estimated 30,000 people in Gaza killed, mostly women and children. Almost two million people have been displaced. Most homes, hospitals, schools, universities, churches, mosques, and other civilian infrastructure have been destroyed by Israel’s relentless and merciless bombing and shelling for over three months. Israel has imposed an unconscionable policy of collective punishment on the entire population of Gaza including starvation and suffering by preventing food, water, medical supplies, humanitarian aid, and assistance. Both Israel and the United States have shown a callous disregard for the human rights of the Palestinian people, international law, and the United Nations, wilfully ignoring repeated pleas from the international community and UN resolutions for an immediate ceasefire.  

Numerous members of AAIMS have conducted extensive research on violent extremism as well as prejudice and discrimination directed toward members of religious and ethnic communities, both of which contribute to a cycle of fear and hate that, as we have seen over the past three months, has devastating consequences for peace and security. AAIMS calls on the government of Australia to be consistent in its opposition to violent extremism and to prevent the influence of racist supremacism from causing further crimes against humanity and violations of international law and order. The Association encourages all people to show compassion and mercy, oppose injustice and oppression, and support a just peace.    

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