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AAIMS Conference 2023


AAIMS Conference 2023: Islam in a Polarised World




21-22 November 2023


9:00 - 20:00 AWST


University Club of Western Australia

Conference Information

The Centre for Muslim States and Societies (CMSS) of the University of Western Australia was pleased to host the Fourth National Conference of Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies Inc. AAIMS’ Fourth National Conference was held on 21-22 November 2023 at the University of Western Australia, Perth.

AAIMS is Australia’s leading academic association for scholars engaged in research and the dissemination of knowledge about Islam and Muslim societies. The Association is interdisciplinary and fosters a network of academics based at Australian universities to generate opportunities for joint scholarly research across disciplines and institutions, disseminate research by its members, and promote national and international collaborations.

The theme of the Conference was ‘Islam in a Polarised World.’ The central theme of ‘Islam in a Polarised World’ drew attention to the roles, contemporary place, and future of Islam in the emerging multipolarity in global politics with its accompanying shifting power relations and turbulences. It also draws attention to the multiple forms of cultural, political and religious ‘polarisations’ both in the local and global contexts and what these mean for not just peaceful co- existence but also Islam and Muslims in both Muslim majority and Muslim minority contexts. Hence, the Conference explored the following sub-themes:

  • The roles and place of Islam, Muslims, and Muslim states, in the emerging multipolarity in global politics
  • Muslims in minority contexts, including Australia, in the backdrop of global multipolarity and polarisations
  • Trends in polarisations in contemporary societies and their implications for Islam, Muslims, and Muslim states and societies
  • The theological, ideological and discursive developments within Islam and Muslim societies in the context of polarisations and multipolarity
  • Social media and polarisations
  • The evolution of youth cultures in the context of current polarisations
  • Women and other minority issues in the context of polarisations

These sub-themes were taken broadly, represented in papers from different theoretical, methodological, disciplinary, and empirical backgrounds/perspectives are welcome.

The conference welcomed presentations by academics of all levels including early career researchers and PhD students.

Conference conveners

Professor Samina Yasmeen AM CitWA, FAIIA, Director, CMSS, and Head of Department, DIRASP, UWA

Dr Azim Zahir, Research Fellow, CMSS and Lecturer, DIRASP, UWA

Conference will be presided by

Associate Professor Zuleyha Keskin President, AAIMS
Associate Head of School
Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation (CISAC), Charles Sturt University


Organising committee

Professor Samina Yasmeen, University of Western Australia

Associate Professor Zuleyha Keskin, Charles Sturt University

Adjunct Professor Amin Saikal, University of Western Australia

Dr Jan Ali, Western Sydney University

Dr Azim Zahir, University of Western Australia

Dr Felix Pal, University of Western Australia

Professor Samuel Makinda, Murdoch University

Dr Ahmed Ibrahim, Edith Cowan University

Dr Jamal Barnes, Edith Cowan University