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Postgraduate Islamic Studies Conference II

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Postgraduate Islamic Studies Conference II

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8 December 2022

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7 December 2022


Western Sydney University, Bankstown Campus, Building 23


Islamic studies refer to the academic study of Islam and Muslims and as such has become an independent academic discipline.  It seeks to examine Islam and its adherents in detail in an attempt to provide deep and comprehensive explanation of Islam as a lived tradition and Muslims as a diverse and forever growing community. Those who study Islam and Muslims often do so from different disciplinary or theoretical perspectives making Islamic studies a multidisciplinary academic program. Under Islamic studies, scholars and students examine a wide range of topics including Islamic civilization, Islamic history and historiography, Islamic Law (shari’ah), kalām (Islamic theology), Sufism (mysticism), Arabic, Islamic philosophy, Islamic scriptures (Qur’an and Hadiths), and tafsīr (Qur’anic exegesis). Many contemporary scholars and students who work in the area of Islamic studies have adopted analytical tools and methods in their investigative endeavours usually used in humanities such as philosophy and social sciences such as anthropology and sociology.

In Australia Islamic studies is a fast-growing area of study and research particularly in Australian universities. It is in response to a growing need particularly after the events of September 11 and the emergence of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) for understanding the religion of Islam and its adherents. People from different religious and ideological backgrounds and Muslims themselves seek to study Islam which is interpreted and practised by its followers in a variety of ways in order to gain a better understanding and even appreciation of this important world religion that shares its tradition in a fundamental way with Christianity and Judaism. Understanding this aspect of Islam takes scholars and students to examining the pattern of Muslim everyday living particularly through higher learning and academic analysis making Islamic studies an investigation of both peoples and faith.

The 2022 Postgraduate Islamic Studies Conference II seeks to examine the inner complexities of Islam as a complete way of life and its variety of rituals, practices, and teachings embedded in the pattern of Muslim everyday living using modern academic tools, scientific research methods, and theoretical frameworks. It is designed to foster and disseminate ongoing and new research about Islam and Muslims in national and international contexts. The terms “Islam” and “Muslim” are defined broadly. By “Islam” we mean prescription of a way of life however differently interpreted originating from Islamic scriptures – Qur’an and Hadiths. By “Muslim” we mean any Muslim individuals, institutions, communities, and societies who subscribe to Islam. We seek to draw paper proposals by student researchers from across fields and disciplines (e.g., Islamic studies, Middle East studies, Islamic education, history, political science, public affairs, international relations, anthropology, and sociology) in formal and non-formal, governmental and non-governmental, community, and academic sectors.