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National Centre for Contemporary Islamic Studies Seminar Series

Event Name

Cultural heritage and Civilisational Encounters in the Turkic and Iranian Worlds

Event Price

Uni Melb seminar

Event Date

17 April 2024

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16 April 2024


Online; On-site at Asia Institute, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, Room 321 L3, Swanston St, Parkville, Melbourne 3010


In this talk, Ali Mozaffari examines the interplay between heritage conservation and civilisational identity within the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, focusing on the contested restorations of two significant mosques: the Blue Mosque in Yerevan and the Govhar Agha Mosque in Shusha.

Drawing on a comprehensive analysis of the historical, cultural and political narratives surrounding these restorations, the talk shows these heritage are not merely symbols of cultural and religious identity but are also instrumental in the geopolitical strategies and territorial claims of Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as the larger regional powers of Iran and Turkey. This is a clear case of heritage sites becoming arenas for asserting civilisational affiliations and contesting geopolitical boundaries; a phenomenon that is unfolding with great intensity in different parts of the world.

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