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Centre for Islamic Thought and Education – Webinar Series

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Journey to Distinction: Stimulus Paper Webinar Series

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16 July 2024 - 7pm

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16 July 2024




With Dr Mohamed Abdalla AM and Mr Abdullah Khan OAM FACEL facilitated by Dylan Chown

Australian Islamic Schools have proven we belong. We boast high levels of achievement, elite infrastructure, and increasing demand. In the decade to come, we now enter what has been coined the phase of “distinction.” Distinction refers to moving beyond mastery of the norm and calls for a renewal of purpose and practice.

In the inaugural Stimulus Paper, A Shared Vision for Islamic Schooling in Australia: Learners, Learning, and Leading Learning (2023), a meta language is offered that aspires to:

1.   Provide clarity for parents and community on the purpose of Islamic schooling
2.  Increase commitment of educators toward innovative educational practice
3.  Result in a coherent educational experience for young people that will achieve the holistic education we aspire for..

Join us for an inspiring and insightful free webinar series for everyone who has a stake in the high aspirations of Australian Islamic schooling. During this series you’ll gain key concepts that define education in Islam and that are at the root of our journey to distinction. You will also have an opportunity to dialogue with leading Australian Islamic schools already in the process of whole school renewal.

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