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Call for Paper

Publication Name

Halal Industries and Green Islam Workshop


Australian National University

Publication Date

20-21 September 2024

Submission Deadline

3 May 2024

The Islamic cultural economy, notably the thriving halal industries, is gaining momentum across several countries, particularly in Southeast Asia. Malaysia is solidifying its position as a global leader in halal industries, while Indonesia, as the world's largest Muslim majority country, exhibits significant potential in this domain. This workshop aims to scrutinise the ongoing state-led development of halal industries in both countries and beyond. Alongside this development, the workshop will analyse issues pertaining to green halal or ethical halal, covering the ethics of halal production and consumption to promote environmental sustainability and ecological balance.

The Islamic cultural economy or halal industries span many sectors: halal food, Islamic finance, Muslim-friendly travel, modest fashion, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and media and recreation. This workshop will focus on material and non-material cultural practices within each sector, including the evolving cultural meanings of halal goods and services. In regard to halal food provisioning, for example, the workshop will analyse the development of (halal) foodways, including transnational movements.

The workshop has two key foci:

(1) The power dynamics and asymmetries between actors within halal industries. This theme delves into the experiences of individuals engaged with halal industries, examining interactions with state-led halal developmental interventions, such as the issuance of halal-related policies. It will investigate power dynamics among state, industry, and consumers within halal industries.

(2) Green Halal: the success of halal industries in Malaysia and Indonesia has prompted initiatives to integrate with green Islam, emphasising the theological connection to eco-friendliness. Halal industries are important areas where theological values of green Islam are expressed, particularly in light of the acknowledgement that economic endeavours invariably yield environmental ramifications.

The full day workshop invites scholars in anthropology, Islamic cultural economy (including halal industries), environmental studies, and related disciplines. Through sharing knowledge and expertise, participants can address the current development in halal industries while addressing environmental concerns intertwined with Islamic cultural economy in the region and beyond.

Possible sub-topics for submission (but not limited to) include:

  • Halal Food Industry and Sustainability
  • Pesantren Entrepreneurship and Eco-Pesantean
  • Gender and Halal (Digital) Entrepreneurship
  • Youth, Muslim Lifestyle, and Halal Industries
  • Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Halal Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Muslim-Friendly Tourism
  • Green Islam

Authors are invited to submit a 250-word abstract and a 100-word short bio by 3 May 2024 to the workshop contact person: Jayne Fendyk: Notifications of selected abstracts will be sent to authors by Mid-May 2024. Workshop presenters are required to submit short draft papers (3,000-4,000 words), not published or committed elsewhere, by 2 August 2024. Selected papers presented at the workshop will be considered for inclusion in a potential publication.

The workshop will be held in person at the Australian National University, and limited funding is available for overseas participants. This funding may cover full or partial airfare, along with accommodation for two nights. If you want to be considered for financial support, please include this in your email.