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Call for Paper

Publication Name

International Conference on Islamic Studies and Culture


Semarak Ilmu
Semarak Ilmu - Canva

Publication Date

27 July 2024

Submission Deadline

10 June 2024

Semarak Ilmu Sdn. Bhd. is pleased to announce the International Conference on Islamic Studies and Culture (ICISC2024) which will be held at Everly Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia on 27 July 2024. The aim of this conference is to become the leading annual conference in the fields related to Islamic studies and culture, and to gather scholars, researchers, and practitioners from all over the world to address and discuss any issues on Islamic studies and culture from national or global level. This will be the finest platform to share any research input to encourage an insightful idea in strengthening the Islamic studies and culture.


•    Engineering flows
•    Islam and Thought
•    Islam and Shariah
•    Islam and Education
•    Islam and Philanthropy
•    Islam and Science
•    Islam and Society
•    Islamic Education
•    Islamic Law
•    Islamic Economics
•    Islamic Theology
•    Intergration of Knowledge
•    Islamic Science
•    Islamic Da’wah
•    Islamic Civilization
•    Islam and the Digital Age
•    The Internet and Fragmentation of Religious Authority
•    Religious Practices in the Digital and Pandemic Era
•    Muslim Youth, Social Media and Hybrid Religiosity
•    Islamic Economic, Fintech and E-Commerce
•    Islamic Education, Digitalization and Technology-Assisted Learning
•    Virtual Religious Court: Opportunities and Challenges
•    Interfaith Relations and Religious Minorities in the Digital Age
•    Political Islam, New Media and Transnational Ideologies
•    Islam, Environment and Global Movements
•    Other related areas

Important Dates:

  1. Abstract Deadline: 10 June 2024
  2. Abstract Acceptance Notification: 15 June 2024
  3. Full Paper Deadline: 29 June 2024
  4. Acceptance Notification: 14 July 2024
  5. Payment Deadline: 21 July 2024

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