Member Publications (October)

October 27, 2022

Congratulations to the following AAIMS Members on their recent publications:

Jan Ali, for editing the Special Issue titled Islamic Revivalism and Social Transformation in the Modern World, published by Religions. Read articles in the Special Issue here.

Derya Iner and Mirela Cufurovic, for their paper titled Moving beyond Binary Discourses: Islamic Universalism from an Islamic Revivalist Movement’s Point of View, published by Religions. Read article here.

Eva F. Nisa, for her book titled Face-veiled Women in Contemporary Indonesia, published by Routledge. Purchase a copy here.

Haline Rane, on his paper titled Interfaith Actor Reception of Islamic Covenants: How ‘New’ Religious Knowledge Influences Views on Interreligious Relations in Islam, published with Religions. Read article here.

Joshua M. Roose, Mario Peucker and Shahram Akbarzadeh, for their paper Socio-Economic Disadvantages and Lack of Recognition: Impacts on Citizenship Within Australian Muslim Communities, published with the Journal of Intercultural Studies. Read article here.

Ihsan Yilmaz, on his co-authored paper titled Manufacturing Civilisational Crises: Instrumentalisation of Anti-Western Conspiracy Theories for Populist Authoritarian Resilience in Turkey and Pakistan, published with Populism and Politics. Read article here.

Ihsan Yilmaz, on his paper titled Use of Civilisational Populist Informal Law by Authoritarian Incumbents to Prolong Their Rule, published with Religions. Read article here.


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