Professor Pam Nilan’s fascinating seminar, ‘Indonesian Youth: Faith and Environmental Activism’ took place yesterday afternoon, April 11th, at The University of Melbourne, Sidney Myer Asia Centre.   

Pam Nilan is the Professor of Sociology at Newcastle University, Australia, and has been researching youth in Indonesia since 1995. Her most recent article; ‘The campaign to save the Bandung city forest in Indonesia’, published in the journal; ‘Indonesia and the Malay World’, focuses on Indonesian youth perceptions of environmental struggle in the Palembang smoke haze.

During the seminar, Professor Nilan discussed how Indonesia has one of the worst records for environmental destruction, and that more and more young people are becoming involved in environmentalism. Professor Nilan showcased work from a large-scale project on youth and environmentalism in Indonesia which involved looking at the engagement of Indonesian university students with environmental activism through the lens of their understanding of Islam.

Thank you, Professor Pam Nilan, for your seminar yesterday which has provided great insight into the lives of youth in Indonesia and their relationship with faith and environmentalism.