Professor Riaz Hassan AAIMS Prize for Best Honours Thesis

The Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (AAIMS) is pleased to announce the Professor Riaz Hassan AAIMS Prize for Best Honours Thesis.

Signalling its commitment to promote knowledge and scholarship in Islamic and Muslim studies, AAIMS offers this prize for the most outstanding Honours thesis in the field. It is hoped that this annual prize will serve to encourage junior scholars to pursue further research in the inter-disciplinary field of Islamic and Muslim studies.

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Special Issue of ‘Religions’ – Call for Papers

A call for papers for a special issue of the journal Religions on Islamic and Muslim Studies in Australia. Due by 31 May 2020. Further information available HERE Dear Colleagues, The growth of Muslim populations globally, in the Asia–Pacific region, and in Australia...

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AAIMS Workshop Grants

The AAIMS Workshop Grant will provide up to AU$1,800 to facilitate workshops for AAIMS members to present and discuss their research, with the objective of strengthening networks for collaboration between scholars and enhancing the existing research being undertaken.

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