Pakistan celebrates the Pakistan Day on 23rd of March to commemorate the Lahore Resolution passed on this day in 1940. It was the Resolution of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the British India which ultimately led to the creation of India and Pakistan in August 1947.

On the momentous occasion of the Pakistan Day in 2018, AAIMS collaborated with Deakin University’s Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalization, and Melbourne South Asia Study Group to organize the Pakistan Day Seminar.

The Pakistan Day Seminar was an ideal opportunity to bring together a strong cohort of scholars working on Pakistan from across Australia, including from Deakin University, Monash University, University of Melbourne, and the University of New England. The multi-disciplinary discussion covered a variety of themes, such as colonization, Islam and constitution-building, the role of the constitutional bodies of Pakistan with reference of women’s rights, extremism and countering violent extremism, Islamists and their anti-secular narrative, Islamic law, CPEC, literature, social movements, and transgender people’s rights. Below is a list of speakers with the titles of their papers and affiliations:

1.    ‘Political Economy of Defense and Religious Radicalism in Pakistan’: Dr Nadeem Malik, University of Melbourne
2.    ‘Impact of the Anti-Secular Narrative on Nation Building in Pakistan’: Dr Zahid Ahmed, Deakin University
3.    ‘Writing Islamic Constitutions: Lessons from Pakistan’: Imran Ahmed, PhD Candidate, University of New England
4.    ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Opportunities and Challenges for Pakistan’: Seema Khan, PhD Candidate, Deakin University
5.    ‘The Pakistani Wave: Literature of the World’: Dr Mridula Nath Chakraborty, Monash University
6.    ‘Sharia Law and Women Rights in Pakistan’: Prof. Ihsan Yilmaz, Deakin University
7.    ‘Transgender Rights in Pakistan?: Global, Colonial and Islamic Dimensions’: Dr Jeff Redding, University of Melbourne
8.    ‘Imagination and Critique in Pakistan’: Hamza Bin Jehangir, PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne