Keynote speakers:

Professor Deepa Kumar is a professor of journalism and media studies at Rutgers University in New York. Professor Kumar’s research centres on Islamophobia, empire, culture, gender, race, class in the media, neoliberalism, labor and social class. Her work is driven by an active engagement with the issues of neoliberalism and imperialism. Professor Kumar recently published the book Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire.


Professor Fethi Mansouri holds the UNESCO Chair on ‘Cultural Diversity and Social Justice’ and is the Director of Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalization. He specialises in migration studies, comparative refugee research, global Islamic politics and multiculturalism and intercultural relations. Since 2010, Professor Mansouri has been serving as an expert advisor to the UN on cultural diversity and intercultural relations. Last year, he co-authored Intercultural contact, knowledge of Islam, and prejudice against muslims in Australia.

Dr Shakira Hussein is a writer and researcher for the National Centre for Excellence in Islamic Studies, The University of Melbourne. Dr Hussein has completed extensive research into gender, multiculturalism and Islam as well as Muslim women, gendered violence and radicalised political discourse. She recently co-authored journal article We’re Not Multicultural, but…


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