AAIMS is a leading academic Australian association for scholars dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about Islamic and Muslim societies. AAIMS is an interdisciplinary association aimed at promoting national and international collaboration. By fostering a network of academics based at Australian universities, AAIMS will generate opportunities for scholarly joint research across disciplines and institutions, as well as a wide dissemination of research output by its members.

AAIMS will promote the field of Islamic and Muslim studies by:

• Creating a professional network for collaboration

• Creating opportunities for research students and Early Career Researchers

• Fostering links with policy and decision makers

• Informing public discourse in relation to Islam and Muslim societies

AAIMS is a not-for-profit organisation

Advisory Board:

The Executive is operating under the patronage of long standing scholars in this field. The National Advisory Board consists of:

  • Prof Riaz Hassan, AM, FASSA, Director of the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding, University of South Australia.
  • Prof Tim Lindsey, Malcolm Smith Professor of Asian Law and Director of the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society at the Melbourne Law School.
  • Prof Fethi Mansouri, UNESCO Chair in Cultural Diversity and Social Justice and Director of the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation.
  • Prof Abdullah Saeed, AM, Sultan of Oman Chair in Arab and Islamic Studies and Director of the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies at Melbourne University.
  • Prof Amin Saikal, AM, University Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Public Policy Fellow, Chair of the Middle East Reference Group, and Director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (The Middle East and Central Asia) at the Australian National University.
  • Prof Bryan S. Turner, Professor of Sociology of Religion, Australian Catholic University and winner of the 2015 Max Planck Research Award.
  • Prof Samina Yasmeen, AM, Professor of Political Science and International Relations and Director of the Centre for Muslim States and Societies, University of Western Australia.
  • Prof Pam Nilan, Professor, School of Humanities and Social Science, University of Newcastle.

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