Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (AAIMS)

AAIMS is an inter-disciplinary network of scholars at Australian universities. AAIMS promotes teaching and research excellence on Islam and Muslim experiences as a minority or majority.

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    • AAIMS Workshop Grants

      The AAIMS Workshop Grant will provide up to AU$1,800 to facilitate workshops for AAIMS members to present and discuss their research, with the objective of strengthening networks for collaboration between scholars and enhancing the existing research …

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    • Keynote speakers announced for AAIMS Second Conference 2019

      The Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies is pleased to announce the three keynote speakers for AAIMS’ upcoming conference at Western Sydney University: ‘Islam and Society: Challenges and Prospects’.

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    • The Professor Riaz Hassan AAIMS Prize for Best Honours Thesis Award Ceremony

      On April 11th, La Trobe University law student, Randa Rafiq, was presented with the Professor Riaz Hassan AAIMS Prize for Best Honours Thesis for 2018. Randa received this prestigious award for her creative thesis ‘The rocky road to legal pluralism,’…

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    • Recycled Elites and the Challenge of Governance Reform in the ‘New Malaysia’

      LILY ZUBAIDAH RAHIM Recycled Elites and Regime Change Malaysia’s Pakatan Haparan (Alliance of Hope, henceforth Harapan) coalition unexpectedly defeated the Barisan National (National Front, henceforth BN) coalition government in the May 2018 ge…

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    • Religion and Happiness

      BRYAN TURNER If we ask what makes us happy, one obvious response might be ‘it depends on what you mean by happiness”. In our edited book on Regimes of Happiness (Contreras-Vejar, Jen and Turner, 2019), we approached the problem by talking about ‘r…

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    • Fighting Fire with Fire: How to combat Islamic State’s propaganda in cyberspace

      ANOOSHE MUSHTAQ It is vital for counter terrorism strategies to fight terrorism on the intellectual and ideological front. Islamic State will continue to wreak havoc on the international community through its war in cyberspace, regardless of th…

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The Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (AAIMS) is committed to promoting scholarly studies of Islam and Muslim societies. This includes studies of Islam as a religion, as well as the lived experience of Muslims in Australia and beyond. Indonesia for example has the largest Muslim population, representing a Muslim majority state, while India accounts for a sizable Muslim minority.

AAIMS will encourage Australian-based projects on these lived experiences to enhance knowledge. Through a series of events, prizes and conferences, AAIMS will generate a network for scholars to engage with policy makers in this important field and contribute to the public discourse on Islam and Muslim societies.

AAIMS reflects the multidisciplinary nature of scholarship in Islamic and Muslim studies. It includes key social sciences and humanities disciplines of law and legal studies, anthropology, sociology, political science, philosophy and theology.

The Executive Committee (elected at AGM 18 December 2017):

President. Prof Shahram Akbarzadeh (Deakin)

Vice President. A/Prof Lily Rahim (Sydney)

Secretary. Dr Joshua Roose (ACU)

Treasurer. Dr Leticia Anderson (Southern Cross) (by invitation)

A/Prof Halim Rane (Griffith)

Dr Susie Latham (Curtin)

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